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The NBCA junior Program is managed by the Junior Committee under the authority of the Curling NB Board of Directors.

Contact information for the Curling NB Junior Development Director is located under the "NBCA Contacts" tab at the top of this page.

  • All coaches at all junior levels are required to have a Criminal Record Check.
  • The Curling NB Screening Policy is located under the "Rules/Policies/Forms" tab at the top of this page.
  • The Criminal Record Check Request Form is located under the "Rules/Policies/Forms" tab at the top of this page.

Curling NB Skills Award Program

Catch the fun
When you're young!

The New Brunswick Skill Award Program is a program designed to interest young people in curling skills. This is a five level program starting with the Red Level, which shows the basic and introductory curling skills. Curlers then work their way through Blue, Bronze and Silver, to reach the Gold Level where advanced curling skills are demonstrated. Techniques of delivery, sweeping and the concepts of strategy are exercised in skill awards.

Curlers within Little Rock , Junior, or a School curling program are eligible to be involved with the New Brunswick Skill Award Program. The program provides an excellent opportunity for young curlers of all ages to be involved with a province wide testing program that challenges and rewards participants merits. The program encourages curlers to develop skills at their own pace, under guidance of local organizers. To qualify for this program a curler must have a junior "participant card" indicating they are a member of the Junior Development Program.


1.       Red Level involves the demonstration of the proper hack position, a balanced curling delivery, and the execution of draw shots. The exhibiting of take-out weight, as well as a written quiz about reading the score board and identifying the markings on a sheet of curling ice are also a part of this level.
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2.       Blue Level still involves the demonstration of a balanced curling delivery, while hitting the broom during the execution of draw and take-out shots. Curlers will be required to demonstrate proper grip and setting the rock handle for in-turn and out-turn shots. Reasonable sweeping ability is also required, as well as a written test on curling etiquette and common rules.
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3.       Bronze Level calls for the curler to execute specific game situation shots and to exhibit effective sweeping techniques. A written test on rules of curling is included.
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4.       Silver Level candidates will be required to call ice and execute specific shots. Sweeping skills will be demonstrated, with emphasis and judgment of weight and use of power while sweeping in pairs.
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5.       Gold Level skills ask for advanced strategy situations to be played, along with exhibiting the calling of sweeping "for line" from a Skip's viewpoint from the House.
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The New Brunswick Skill Award Program can be conducted at any Curling Club, at any time of the year and operated by any Coach-Instructor or Curling Organization. Skill Awards are self-contained with promotional material, test paper, and easy to follow testing procedures and reporting forms. Crests and wallet size membership cards will be forwarded upon completion of levels.

The costs for young curlers being tested at each level are as follows:

Level Curlers Cost
Red $3.00
Blue $4.00
Bronze $5.00
Silver $6.00
Gold $8.00

At the Red and Blue Levels, a pass or incomplete grade is assessed. Curlers cannot be failed but are encouraged to complete the level at a later date.

To get started in this Skill Award Program, organizers are requested to contact the Skill Award Representative listed below:

Interim Contact
Marg Maranda
(506) 327-3445





















NBCA Mission: The NBCA is a non-profit organization designed to bring together all curling centres in the province for one purpose: to provide opportunities for all residents, of any age, to participate in the sport of curling throughout their lifetime for fun, fitness and/or competition.

Mission de l’ACN-B: L’ACN-B est un organisme sans but lucratif dont l’objectif est de rassembler tous les centres de curling de la province afin de donner l’occasion à tous ses résidents de jouer au curling, quel que soit leur âge et peu importe s’ils pratiquent ce sport pour leur amusement, leur conditionnement physique ou la compétition.

NBCA Vision: The NBCA envisions to be a leading sports force within New Brunswick and throughout the Atlantic Provinces by providing growth, promotion and development opportunities to all curlers, regardless of age or physical ability, from the grassroots to the highest levels of competitive play.

Vision de l’ACN-B:L’ACN-B veut être une organisation sportive de premier plan au Nouveau-Brunswick et dans les Maritimes. Elle entend atteindre cet objectif en facilitant la croissance, la promotion et le développement du curling au bénéfice de tous ses membres, sans distinction d’âge ou de handicap, des premières glisses aux plus hautes sphères de compétition.


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