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NB Canada Games Selection 2019 ....The road to Red Deer Alberta


The 2019 Canada Games will be held in Red Deer Alberta in 2019.

The NBCA is responsible for delivering a program to manage the selection and development of NB's Canada Games Curling Representatives. NB will select one boys team and one girls team. 4 players and a coach comprise each team.

Goal is to develop a broad base of competitive players and to develop coaches and to prepare the eventual winners for medal competition.

  • Players must born July 1, 2000 or later.
  • Winning Coaches must be certified 

Teams will be selected through an open qualifying process. In addition there will be development camps and age appropriate events to prepare the teams. The overall schedule is:

2016-2017 Development Camps and Spiels, information Sessions.

2017-2018 Camps and Spiels

                   2 Open Team Entry Qualifiers - each qualifying 3 Boys and 3 Girls teams for a total of 6 teams in each category. Final 6 event will determine the representatives.

                   Sites to be determined.

2018-2019  Development of Canada games bound teams. Start development process for 2023 Games. 


2016-2017 Events


Sept 16,17, 2016 Curl Moncton - Development Camp and Mini Spiel - Click Here for Information and Registration Form.

Nov 5,6, 2016 - TSA Curling Club Saint John Canada Games Division TSA Junior Cash Spiel (Canada Games Teams play Saturday and Sunday only.Details to follow.

Dec 9 to 11, 2016 Curl Moncton - Development Camp and Spiel. Click here for details and registration Form

Jan 20 to,22, 2017  CWC Curling Club . Contact 

Mar 4,5 2017 - gage Curling Club  Contact 

April 7, 8, 9, 2017  Willie O'Ree Arena, Fredericton NB.. East Coast U16 Canada Games warm-Up Spiel. Information Poster    To Register on line click here and select East Coast U16 Canada Winter Games Warm-Up Spiel


Final Results 2015 Selection:
 Mar 27-30, 2014 - NB Canada Games Selection Spiel  (Miramichi)
Congratulations to 2015 Canada games Reps:































2015 Selection News:

Feb 10, 2013 - Congratulations to Team Comeau and Team Good for winning the Miramichi U16 Cashspiel.






                  Team Good

            Team Comeau

Jan 27, 2013 - Congratulations to Team Crook and Team Smeltzer-McCausland for winning the CWC U16 Cashspiel.







              Team Crook                                             Team Smeltzer-McCausland

Sept 23, 2012 - Congratulations to Team Acton and Team Whiteway for winning mini cash at Canada Games development camp

Sept 22-23, 2012 - Team Hubbard scores 8 ender at development camp mini-spiel.














2015 Selection Committe:

Kevin Kyle Chair
Brian Rice
Mark Ward


All juniors born Jan 1, 1997 or later are eligible for the Canada Games Curling Teams.
Team consists of 4 players and 1 Coach.


The NBCA is charged with managing the selection of the NB Canada Games mens and ladies teams. The NBCA has a Canada Games Selection Committee that is a sub committee of the Junior Committee. The Committee is made up of former Canada Games coaches and the provincial technical program co-ordinator.


The objectives of the Selection Committee is not just the selection of the teams but also to ensure that there is a development program in place that will increase the potential of Team NB winning medals. It is also intended that teams and players other than the eventual winners will benefit from the selection process further enhancing the NB Junior development program for the long term good of the sport.


There is provincial funding provided to the Selection Committee for development. This funding will be used to benefit all teams leading up to the selection spiel as well as being directed at the final winners to prepare them for the Canada Games.

Selection Process:

6 Teams (6 Boys and 6 Girls Teams) will qualify out of 2 open qualifying events:
Qualifier #1 - Dec 2013 - Hosted by Central Zone – 3 Qualifiers
Qualifier #2 - Jan 2014 - Hosted by Northwest Zone – 3 Qualifiers
Final NB Selection - March 2014 Hosted by North East Zone
Canada Games – Feb 12 – Mar 1 2015 Prince George BC
A series of spiels and camps will be organized for the Canada games age level over the next few years. Check the NBCA Calendar and Canada Games page on the NBCA website for news and updates.

Podium Project:

Additional funding has been provided by the CCA for selected athlete development. The NB Junior Committees normally does not favor programs that are only directed at a select few, however we feel we should take advantage of the funding and find ways to allow the development of the selected athletes to be leveraged by their teammates and coaches. Athletes will be selected by the Junior Coaches during the 2012 Kenny Coates.

Kevin Kyle - Selection Committee Chair 2015 Canada Games
Canada Games Council release Coach Certification Requirements for 2015 games. click here.

Past Events:

Oct 12-14, 2012 - Codiac Cashspiel U16

Sept 22-23, 2012 Development camp

Nov 25-27, 2011 Development Camp at Beaver Moncton.

Oct 28-30, 2011 - U15 Cashspiel was held at TSA. An information session was held.              
Click here to see Video of some teams in action (you need a windows video player)